Sunday, November 4, 2012

Continuing on with D.C.

Our second day in D.C. started out as our first one did; at Bread and Chocolate, a cafe and bakery just around the block from our hotel. They have the best oatmeal I've ever had. 

It is served cold and mixed with yogurt; every bit is loaded with fruit and nuts. 

Next we took the metro to Arlington Cemetery and wandered around for a while.

Lots of leading lines and repetition for photography

JFK and his wife's graves

This is the grave of the first person to be buried in the cemetery, she was the godmother of the woman who married Robert E. Lee

At the top of the hill is Arlington House, at one time a residence of Robert E. Lee

It has lovely gardens to explore. 

From the cemetery we walked across the Potomac River to the Lincoln Memorial. 

Here he is the man himself, or rather an image of himself

Like a good homeschool student Emily recited the Gettysburg Address... but halfway through her recitation it became evident that portions had slipped her mind...

After being on our feet all day we wanted to rest, which really means I make my sisters serve as photographic guinea pigs. 

After resting at the Lincoln Memorial, we walked 100 yards and decided to rest again and admire the Washington Monument. 

Right next to the Lincoln Memorial is the Korean War Memorial. 

There was a whole group of Veterans there as well. It was interesting as you walked by to hear snippets of their story. Our grandfather is also a Korean War Veteran.

Just in case you think I don't have any unposed pictures. 


We strolled to the other end of the reflecting pool and admired the WWII Memorial. 

After way more miles than I felt like walking, we stopped for a nice healthy snack to give us energy; a cookie ice cream sandwich hit the spot. 

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