Monday, November 19, 2012


Today I'm...

I've been thinking how I should have take more pictures at the White Unto Harvest conference. I believe I took 3 the entire time. Talking just took up all my time. 

Still thinking what a wonderful Oyster Roast we had on Saturday. 
Tons of people + oysters + desserts + laughter = A fantastic party

Learning french. 
Learning a new language takes time, a lot of it. I just started French, so far I enjoy it, but then I've only been studying it for three weeks. Ask me in a month or two. 

What is it with girls and chocolate? 

I'm editing pictures from a photo shoot with this dear family. 

While listening to this beautiful song. I've listened to it over and over again. My favorite part starts at 2:15. I may or may not rewind that sections many times over... If you haven't listened to Piano Guys yet, do!

The sermon yesterday was on the importance of feasting with fellow believers. In the Old Testament the Jews feasted 22% of the year. Feasting is a time for building up the Body of Christ. Often it is hard to have fellowship when you leave church right after the service. I am thankful for the wonderful fellowship I enjoyed yesterday with fellow believers. The two hours we spent talking with believers was so refreshing.

I woke up to the soothing sound of rain pattering on my window this morning. Only problem is soothing sounds make you want to stay in bed rather then get up in the cold darkness of early mornings. 

I've been practicing this piano piece. I almost have it down and it's lots of fun to play. 

And last but not least my brother is home for Thanksgiving and we're very glad to have him back. 

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Carolina said...

Yes, this time of year I have next to no motivation to get out of bed. I hope the conference was good.