Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Our wedding day {getting ready}

Luke and I just received our wedding pictures and I'm absolutely bursting to share them! I think people can enjoy pictures and follow the story of the day better if I put them into a blog post instead of just uploading to Facebook and having to click through each one. 

Photo credit: Allix Ruby Photography

Most guys generally don't care too much about their ring but Luke found this ring just before we met and knew he wanted it. It is Damascus steel on the outside and wood on the inside. 

Emily did my makeup and Maryfrances did my hair, they each did a lovely job. 

You did such a lovely job on my hair Maryfrances, I just loved it.  

I absolutely love this picture, I love how it combines both of my parents, my wedding dress, and my home all in one. 

I love how this picture combines the day. On the one hand I'm standing in front of the home that I've lived in for most of my life; on the other I'm in my wedding dress signaling my new life starting. 

 Three days before our wedding we were in the potential path of Hurricane Joaquin. Considering it was a Category 3 and the wedding reception was at the beach this was a large concern and we had to start considering other venues. I cannot tell you how many people told me they were praying for good weather. I was overwhelmed by it. By Friday night Joaquin had altered her course so she wouldn't hit us. However, the prediction was for rain all day. After expecting a hurricane, pouring rain and wind sounded great. On the wedding day, miraculously, God cleared the skies for us and gave us a spectacular day. I could not get over it. We had sun all day, when there was 100% chance of rain! It poured for days beforehand and afterwards. Yet, we had sunny skies during the window of our wedding. 

Windy day = veil chaos

Whenever Luke talks about getting ready for the wedding it is almost always the countless times he had to tie his bow tie even though he had tied it perfectly the first time because the photographer wanted more pictures. 

And last but most certainly not least is Lambeth helping everyone get ready. Next to my mom and I, Lambeth put the most work into the wedding. She lived with us and had an incredible servant's heart and helped us unbelievably. I cannot imagine planning the wedding without her. She was involved with everything and helped the day go amazingly smooth. 

Photo Credit also to Allix's second shooter Paige: Paige Overturf Photography

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