Thursday, August 23, 2012

Around the House

Here is my last post of our vacation, I'll take you on a tour of our cottage.  

This is our least favorite room.  It's dark, has no view, and has pretty ugly furniture left behind from the previous owners.  But... it does have a cozy fireplace (did you notice the cross built into the chimney?) This room is the original portion of the cottage which we've heard was a vicarage.  We're still seeking to verify what we've been told about the history of the cottage from a couple of sources.  In a little while, this room will probably look VERY different.  Stay tuned.

This is Lottie's room taken from the room pictured above (her room is the original front porch).  This was taken the day we were moving in so it looks rather sparse.

 The kitchen. After painting.  Before decorating.

As you might imagine, this is our favorite room;  it is sunny, pretty, and has a beautiful water view on three sides.

A beautiful screened in porch with a perfect view (they call it a "Muskoka Room" up here).  We ate pretty much every meal out here together as a family.

Our dining room, before we started painting.  Goodbye purple!

This is our Amish cookstove. I didn't use it this trip... as you might imagine, it also acts as a heater and would have made the living room unbearably hot.  Of course, my mom had to go antiquing to find just the right accessories.

Here I am on a daily basis, reading in the hammock with a beautiful view and enthralling book. In case you're wondering it's an eno hammock which we love and highly recommend, they are so comfy. 

Dad prefers the rope hammock. But one false foot movement and down you go.

Here is our adorable cozy boathouse.  The room above is my parent's bedroom.

Taken from our porch

I know this isn't a very artistic photo but it gives you an idea of how clear the water is. Its about 4 feet deep on the right. We could see about 10 feet down. 

The evenings were the prettiest. The sun shining on the water reminded one of the "Lake of Shining Waters" (Can you tell which book I was reading?)

A still, quiet morning in Muskoka

Halfway through our trip we had a beautiful full moon that rose in front of our cottage

Our favorite sound in Muskoka is the call of loons. They have a beautiful, haunting call. We saw them nearly every day.  But one morning this darling little family decided to visit right in front of our cottage.

This isn't my video, but it gives you an idea of what they sound like.

When this family swam by Mama loon was with the babies and the dad (I assume) was a ways away. They called to each other across the lake, and eventually met up. 

The view of our cottage early one morning from across the bay.

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