Monday, August 13, 2012

Sunset over Georgian Bay

One evening Mom, Lottie and I drove 10 minutes from our cottage to the coast of Georgian Bay to watch the sunset. It was spectacular, even if the wind was at least 40 mph. 

Just for fun I haven't edited these pictures (except for the ones of me), they are straight out of the camera, no color enhancing. That way you can better appreciate the natural beauty.

Explorer Charlotte

For you photographers out there this pictures is taken on the "cloudy" white balance setting

And this one is with the "sunshine" white balance. I didn't change anything else. 


Claire L said...

YESSS! I've been waiting for you to post. I was starved for gorgeous pictures. Speaking of, the lake pictures are stunning. Must have been even more amazing in person!

Hannah Beckett said...

Those are fantastic. Some of your best yet I would say.

Anna said...

Thanks Hannah!