Thursday, August 16, 2012

Muskoka Faces

Anatomy of a jump

On our evening boat rides to watch the sunset it was quite chilly and we had a delightful time wrapping up in blankets and thinking of our friends at home sweating in the heat and humidity. 

My mom's cousin lives just 20 minutes from the cottage so we had a lovely time seeing them on a couple of occasions.  My mom was the flower girl in her wedding about 45 years ago!

My mom's parents came and stayed with us for several days. Because three members of our family had already left it was great to have more people in the house and we loved showing Nana and Grandpa our new place.

Grandpa celebrated his 81st birthday with us. I'm approximately a 1/4 of his age.

My Nana and Judy, who was a flower girl in Nana's wedding 55 years ago!

Me reading, again. I estimated that by the end of the three weeks I had read approximately 60 hours. 

During our last week my my mom's aunt and uncle, and cousin came for the day. 

Andy, Donna and Charlotte

Charlotte and I with Uncle Jack and Auntie Barbara, creator of the world's best Scotcharoos

The ubiquitous group photo

Charlotte likes to tame the chipmunks with peanuts. By the end of the trip she could feed them out of her hand. Auntie Barbara also likes to tame chipmunks, she used to have one in her yard that would sit on her shoulder. 


Hannah Beckett said...

Girl you are getting really good with that lense contraption of yours... LOVE the jumping series.

Kathryn said...

You went to Muskoka???!!!! That is really neat! OK, before you think that I'm some crazy, let me explain that it is the setting of my second-favorite book ever, The Blue Castle, and that I have wanted to go there for a long time. I envy you!
It looks like you had a really great time.

Kt Poppy said...

I love how y'all were thinking of how much we at home were missing (weather-wise and otherwise)... rub it in!

Kaitlin said...

@ Anna: This sounds like an awesome trip! I held a chipmunk in my hand once...but he wasn't eating...unless you count my fingers. The poor thing was being strangled by a net and I was trying to free him...I was successful...but so was he... :)

@Kathryn: do you mean The Blue Castle by L.M.Montgomery? If so, I love that book, too!

Kaitlin said...

Anna, how do you want to handle the button swap? If you'd like to email me, leave me a comment and let me know...

Anna said...

Why don't we e-mail Kaitlin: