Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Why do You Wear What You Wear?

Last year we drove 12 hours up to Ohio on Thanksgiving. I was dressed in sweat pants and a comfy shirt. While we took a break at a rest area, I saw another family apparently on their way to Thanksgiving dinner due to the way they were dressed up in nice clothing. I particularly noticed the teenage girls who dressed themselves femininely and had lovely long hair. It suddenly made me think, what affect does my clothing have on others?

Next time I go on a long car trip, I might still wear my comfy pants. They are simply the most practical for long trips in a crowded car. But whenever I go out in public back at home, I try and consider what affect my clothes are going to have on others. Will my clothes make me blend in, stand out to draw attention, or inspire men to be gentlemen and women to dress and act as ladies? I have the choice. Perhaps it is just me, but when I see a girl walk by in a feminine outfit (generally a modest skirt) she stands out, in a good way. I’m guessing most people notice her as well; she is just too different not to notice.

Sure, I can wear what I feel most comfortable in, but the Christian life isn't about my comforts. Instead Christians are to take dominion over this sinful earth. Changing the world for the cause of Christ.

There is ongoing debate on what girls should wear, always skirts? Usually wear skirts? Or pants are always fine to wear? There is not a right answer. I believe it is a personal decision how you believe you should dress, taking in numerous factors depending on your personal life situation. But Christians should not stay as close to the world’s idea of “modesty” as they can. We need to be as close to Godliness as we can. That said, I don’t believe we should go around in burqas with absolutely no skin showing. I’ve heard it said your clothes should be tight enough to show you are a woman, but loose enough to show you are a lady. If a non-christian looks into your closet, they should notice something different from the rest of the world.

In my opinion the Duchess of Cambridge has had an effect on the minds of women today due to her beautiful and feminine wardrobe.
Here is what Elizabeth Botkin from Visionary Daughters says about the Duchess of Cambridge:

"The fashion leadership of Kate Middleton holds a lesson for every Christian girl. As wife to Prince William and presumed future queen of England, Kate is in a position of representing Great Britain to the world. Every inch of her appearance, from her hairstyle to her fingernails, sends the world a message about the nation and the monarchy, the laws and the traditions, the culture and the history she represents – messages the world scrutinizes keenly. As ambassador to the crown, she can’t dress to merely express her individuality, follow the trends every other girl is following, or refuse to think about clothes at all. Her job demands making deliberate and strategic decisions about what message to send through every detail – from her traditional little British hats to her sleek High Street heels.

The truth is, every Christian girl has just as much to represent as Kate Middleton. Our King is no less ruling, and we are no less ambassadors. Unlike Kate, we don’t have to spend £122,000 per year to represent our King and our heavenly citizenship. Like Kate, however, we also don’t belong to ourselves. We were bought with a price and represent the One Who bought us. Like Kate, we can’t afford to let others make these decisions for us. And like Kate, we have a world watching. What message are they picking up about our Lord, His edicts, and our loyalties?"

This is not to say Kate's wardrobe is impeccable, in my opinion some of her dresses are short and her necklines low. But she does dress like a lady--dresses, skirts, and adorable hats. And in the picture above all she is doing is playing various sports with the British olympic team, yet she has on a cute dress and heels. If someone walked into the room dressed like her, or in ratty jeans and a t-shirt, who would you trust, who would you rather be friends with?

So girls, next time you walk out, consciously dress for Christ's kingdom, show everyone who you belong to, that you are cherished, loved, content in being a woman, and are a priceless jewel in Christ's kingdom. 

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Kaitlin said...

What a beautiful post! There is too much out there that dictates to Christian young ladies where their hemline and neckline should fall...this was a breath of fresh air!

My mom, sisters and I have often had conversations on this subject. Too often people worry about what people are wearing, and don't even consider the condition of their heart. Then other worry too much about "the heart of Christians" and never give any thought to what message their clothes give.

Mama says that a lady should be modest, but not dowdy. (Not a direct quote, just the idea.) Love the line about the tightness of the clothes...and totally agree.

Thanks so much for writing this.