Thursday, May 5, 2011

Charleston part 1

This past weekend we headed to Charleston as a family and also with some friends from Wilmington. We attended a history tour through Vision Forum led by historian Bill Potter. We visited Magnolia Cemetery, the Hunley Museum, Fort Maultrie, Fort Sumter, and Boone Hall Plantation.
One of my favorite places was the Hunley Museum. The Hunley was a submarine during the Civil War. It held 8 men, was hand-powered, and the way they monitored oxygen (and provided light) was a candle--when the candle went out it was time to resurface. I never knew they had submarines back then so I found this very interesting. The men on it were brave, it went out then sank and all the men died, they pulled it up and put another team of men on it, and it sunk again, they put yet another team of men on it and after sinking the Husatanic, it sank again never to be found until 1995. 

We saw a total of 7 brides throughout Charleston

On every street if you looked through gates and down alleyways you would find beautiful gardens.

Trying to decide what to have for dinner.

Daughters of the Confederacy building.

Fort Moultrie

We had a lovely time meeting new friends.

Mr. Potter lecturing on Fort Moultrie and how it defended the British wonderfully the first time.

General Moultrie's grave. 

Us girls on top of the cannon, Emily seems surprised. :)

Fort Moultrie

A more modern gun since Fort Moultrie was used until 1947

Mrs. H and Allison who drove up with us.

The lovely bridge in Charleston over the Cooper River

Talking with friends on the ferry ride out to Fort Sumter

Remains of Fort Sumter

They have 6 different flags flying in Fort Sumter to remember the different stages of the US that it defended over the course of its active service.

Our last tour stop was Boone Hall, a lovely plantation with a beautiful house and garden.

Mom and Emily strolling down the lane covered by live oaks with the slave quarters behind them

I think the ceiling color is very pretty

Lottie strolling through the gardens


Me with my hair frizzy...

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Elena said...

These are gorgeous pictures, Anna! It looks like you all had a wonderful time. :)