Sunday, May 15, 2011

Rome/Florence Day 3

On day three we visited the St. Sebastian catacombs in Rome and then rode a train to Florence

Santa Maria Magiora Church, just across from our hotel.

Another amazing bake shop

Old buildings such as these are everywhere, we never saw a modern building while we were there

This is the catholic church on top of the christian catacombs. Underneath there are 7 miles of tunnels, 100,000 graves, and 3 levels. I couldn't take pictures though, sorry.

The Appian Way, a road which dates back to the ancient Romans

Not sure what this is but it is cool looking

Roma Termini where we caught a train to go to Florence

Beautiful countryside on the train ride

Our hotel in Florence which used to be a Renaissance palace.

Our handsome pack mule. Thank you dad!

We spent a good bit of time in this shop, they make and decorate all their paper in beautiful designs and colors (marbleize).

A lovely dress in a fabric store

The Duomo which we unfortunately did not get to go inside

This church was different from others because it had green marble on it

My favorite combination of gelato: pistachio and chocolate

Night music

As I'm sure I stated before the bake shops look amazing....

This picture is taken right outside of our hotel alongside the Arno River

A Florentine night sky

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