Saturday, May 7, 2011

Charleston part 2


Lovely Mrs. H

An arbor of confederate jasmine at Boone Hall Plantation

We had a lovely dinner at an Italian place, mom had wild mushroom ravioli and as you can tell she did not like it very much, she hardly ate any of it. :)

On Sunday we had a lovely picnic with friends at waterfront park

This pink house was for sale and I suggested to Dad that he should buy it but he didn't think it was such a great idea.

A slightly slanted house

Rainbow Row

This is one of my favorite houses

A lovely, slightly run down house that still has lots of beauty left in it

This is the largest private residence house in Charleston; it has 35 bedrooms.

This is the Huguenot (French Protestant) church we attended in the morning--the only one in the United States

Simple sight seeing, a kitty in the window

Dad made the wise decision to mark our parking smart on the gps on his phone so we could find it again.

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