Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Around the house

 Today I shall take you on a tour our lovely, temporary home that we've made with our house mates

This is the view outside our front door, you can't see it too clearly in this picture but there is a beautiful valley and a mountain range in the distance

The majority of the houses here were destroyed in 2003 during the massacre. Its a constant sign of previous struggles.

These beautiful flowers are just outside our door

These are our lovely goat friends which keep the grass in the nearby lawns short. You can't go more than 10 seconds without hearing one of these. 


Our lovely home. 

The view out the back. Most of the gardens here are built on the hillside and at night you can see everyone coming down off the hill with their hoes

Josh, Ian, and dad walking back up from the hospital

I love the flowers at home but I wish we had some of these.

Our living space in which we have spent lovely evenings consisting of games and discussions

This is the view of the back of the house. The doors to the left lead to the "man cave" where Ian and Josh sleep. 

Our electricity comes from solar power, except for the stove and refrigerator which are gas. 

A small garden from which we harvested Swiss Chard for dinner last night

This is the method of mowing the grass. The gardener mows (with a machete) the grass bit by bit and then lets the grass dry for a day and then sweeps it up. He does a quarter of the yard a day so at any point, some part of the grass is being cut. 

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