Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday LIfe

Sorry I have not been updating my blog very much. I only have Internet access after 8pm and I find it more enjoyable to play games with friends then to sit alone and edit blog posts. Plus, I don’t have many pictures to share since my jobs around here are not particularly photogenic. For instance I spent the this morning unloading boxes from a container and taking them up to the house. Not the most photogenic job but necessary. But this afternoon we are not doing much so I will update you on life.

A normal day starts at 7:30 am with devotions down at the hospital and that goes till 8. Then Christine and I usually follow the doctors on some of their rounds to check on the patients we’ve gotten to know. Right now we’ve been worried about a little boy with severe malaria and pneumonia. After a close call on Sunday he is now doing better. Our miracle preemie is still alive too, today she weighed 3 lbs 9oz. I learned how to feed her today. Around here they usually don’t name the babies for a couple of days so today I asked them what her name was and they didn’t know so they brought the dad in and, after a couple minutes of discussion, he named her Neema. (Ne- eema). She is the sweetest little thing.

The mornings are filled with various tasks such as organizing scrubs, unloading boxes, inventory, sanitizing medical equipment, playing with kids, or painting. Last week a shipping container arrived full of household and hospital supplies and we have been working a good deal on unloading and organizing those items. We have been doing the organizing in the same building as the OR and so we are always in and out of the OR watching various surgeries. Its quite nice, all the ORs have big windows so we don’t have to put on scrubs whenever we want to watch, we can just look through the windows. The most fun thing about the OR is when I do get into scrubs and go in, I still don’t have to wear shoes. But incase you’re worried I do wear a mask and hat.

The afternoon consists of either doing the tasks I mentioned earlier or hanging out at the house reading, blogging, or editing pictures. In the late afternoon three nursing students from the nursing school come over and we work on our French and their English. They are the same girls Emily and I met with last year and it is great to see them again. 

Here are a couple of moments from today

My morning snack, cold coke and congolese donuts. 
I don't like soda normally, but in Africa after a morning of unloading boxes in the heat it tasted quite good. 

There are always 2 or 3 of these little guys running around our house. 

The local duka which sells drinks, yogurt, milk, and chapatis. 

My morning job, unloading this container

One of the house hold helpers roasting peanuts. 


Claire L said...

1. Hurray! Another post! I love those little geckos. They really are everywhere.
2. The volleyball picture is fantastic.
3. My mouth is watering looking at those donut things. We called them mandazis in Arua. Man, they were good.
4. Keep enjoying yourself!
That is all. : )

Christianna said...

That's awesome! Keep up the good work for the Lord! :)