Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Last couple of days

Here is a collection of various pictures taken around the hospital that I took in our last couple of days in Nyankunde

This is the ICU (intensive care unit); this ward differs from the others only in that it is lit at night and has electric plugs next to some of the beds in case they need oxygen. 

The view from the hospital

Dad with one of the anesthetists. 

A Passion Fruit bud. Africa might have bigger bugs and spiders, but it also has an abundance of beautiful and exotic flowers 

Dr. Cooper and his lovely wife Lindsey

This is the local church we attended on Sundays.  They have two services, one in French and one in Swahili. We went to the French one and enjoyed it. They have their singing down. Instead of all clapping in unison, they all do their own thing, yet it all comes together to make a really great rhythm.

This little boy was playing with the only toy he had, a plastic bag filled with air. 

One of the little girls in the pediatric ward

At this hospital, the patient's family must provide food and do any laundry. In the background is a shelter for the cooking and washing. 

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