Friday, February 8, 2013

More life

Dad's disney princess scrubs

Our main task this week: organizing scrubs and then painting them so that the doctors can tell when someone takes them out of the OR (which they shouldn't do)

These are our some of our housemates, Ian and Josh. While organizing the scrubs we came across some fun ones and gave them to these guys. Ian has a top with "purrfect" kitties and Josh has a disney princess one. 

The beautiful sunset as seen from our porch. 

Yesterday I watched this precious little girl be born by c-section. The only problem was she was born at 28 weeks. They had trouble getting her to breath after birth and then did not expect her to live through the night. Yet, today she was alive and crying and breathing. Lord willing she will grow strong as time goes on. She weighs only 4 pounds and there is no neo-natal equipment to take of her with. 

African babies are the cutest. They just are. 

Each afternoon dad gives a lecture on anesthesia

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