Thursday, February 7, 2013

Moments of african Life

One of the lovely views around here on a particularly clear day. 

A normal lunch or dinner consists or potatoes or spaghetti, and a stewed meat

The last couple of days our task has been to organize 20 boxes of scrubs that someone donated and then mark them as hospital property. 

The hospital lab

The African method of removing a container from a truck is a bit different than in America. They simply tie the container to a tree and drive the truck out from underneath it. It
is rather loud and rough but it works. 

We simply stood by and watched. 

Christine and I shadowed the physical therapist one day and she taught us how to do some therapy with  stroke patients. 

We can do without a lot of common items out here that we are used to, southern sweet tea is not one of them if we can at all help it. 

One of the many abandoned houses around here. 

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