Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day 1 Summary

Day 1 in Paris, Monday

I decided to write a post of yesterday so you get a clearer idea of what we did. Our plane landed in Paris at 7:15am and we easily made it through customs. As you walk towards your luggage you walk through this large room and you walk through clear tunnels with moving walkways in them. They go every which way and it feels like you’re in a water pipe. I liked it. We took a shuttle to our hotel and then headed to Notre Dame as I’ve already explained. After that we checked into our hotel and contrary to my suggestion we took an hour nap. Despite how tired I was I’ve learned it’s a lot harder to get up after sleeping than to just stay up in the first place. If I hadn’t woken the other two up they still might be sleeping…

We started walking around the Latin Quarter and bought a chocolate croissant. Europe knows how to do croissants. The best croissant I’ve had in America tastes like dry cardboard compared to these. The outside is flaky and the inside is soft and moist. They are absolutely amazing. We continued on walking to the Pantheon which is a large building shaped like the one in Rome but bigger. Unfortunately, we didn’t go inside. We also saw the Sorbonne, which is one of Europe’s oldest universities. We continued walking around and eventually found ourselves some lunch, which consisted of crepes. I had a cheese and turkey one. France also makes delicious crepes as you might guess. The two sides are lightly crunchy but the middle is soft.

After a while we found ourselves in the Luxemburg Gardens. Because it's winter, there were not any flowers but there was green grass. We sat in some chairs and rested and soaked up some sun. Apparently, a miniature Statue of Liberty is around these gardens but we couldn’t find it. We could also see the Eiffel Tower in the distance. Then we headed back to our hotel, stopping along the way to sip some hot chocolate and talk to family back at home. Back at the hotel the other two decided to take yet another nap and I joined them but made sure to wake up in an hour otherwise we would have slept for a long time and woken up at 3am and not been able to fall back asleep.

Once I dragged the other two out of bed we walked around the corner to a restaurant for dinner. I had a delicious salmon and spinach quiche. It had the best pastry crust I’ve ever had, flaky but also incredibly moist. Dad had a veal dish and Emily had vegetable soup. For dessert we had chocolate fondant, which consisted of the gooiest brownie you’ve ever had, topped with a crème sauce and whipped crème, it disappeared in approximately from our plates 3 seconds! As you might imagine after we arrived back we crashed into bed.

Day 1, success!

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