Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New Faces

"A picture is worth a thousand words"

Most of these pictures don't have captions. They are just pictures I have taken around the hospital and village. Even though most of the people aren't smiling, they usually do smile. Especially when I show them the picture, they just burst out laughing. 

This is a toy that some of the kids play with, its the inside of a motorcycle wheel that they hit with a stick

Young kids watch the even younger kids

This is a typical looking village, this one is quite nice because the dirt road is swept. 

This older woman loved seeing the pictures

I went into the maternity ward and took pictures of all the babies and mothers. Some of the babies were really tiny and so cute

We gave these girls a balloon, to help the girl on the left use her arm and the girl on the right to cheer her up

Take a picture

And show it to them. 
Its so simple and easy yet you make instant friends and cheer them up

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Melba said...

Now if only your camera would print the pictures to give to them, you would be talked about for years to come!! You got some great shots....We continue to pray for you all.