Friday, January 6, 2012

Fun Fact of the Blog

F u n  F a c t s

Top countries of visitors in order: United States, Germany, Russia, Spain, Canada, United Kingdom, Japan, Peru (most of which are from Claire), Brazil, and Australia

60% of visitors use Safari

Top key words people searched when they found my blog:

Maiden’s Voyage(#1)
Paul Washer (#2)
Holding dead chicken(#3)
Chicken processing(#4)
Chicken gutting
Aynachin lodge 

Chicken processing seems to be popular. Never expected that!

The top 3 most viewed posts are: Love the Church, Chicken Processing, and Christmas Morning.
Not sure why Christmas morning is so popular... 

Maybe you won't find this interesting but I think it is. :)

1 comment:

Carolina said...

Yes, I always like to look at the stats on our blog, it's just fun. :)