Saturday, January 21, 2012

Paris Day 3

Written summary: Day 3

Our third day in Paris was a final day, we visited the Louvre, Champs de Elysee, Arc de Triumph, and the Eiffel Tower

Outside of the Louvre. We can't understand why they put such a modern looking building in the middle of an ancient castle with some of the world's oldest artifacts. Doesn't fit if you ask me. 

Inside the pyramid

Not only are the painting, sculptures, and artifacts amazing, but the actual building is a work of art. The Winged Victory is in the distance

Winged victory 

Bet you can guess who this is! 
Since we arrived right when the museum opened it wasn't crowded in this room so we could walk right up to her. 

Wedding feast at Cana

Cupid and Pysche are in the distance. I didn't take a lot of pictures of the sculptures, and of the famous ones I only took pictures from a distance because most of them didn't have any clothes on... 

Venus de Milo
It was actually found by a farmer in his garden. 

Emily next to the Code of Hummarabi which is an ancient stone that has King Hummarabi's code of law written on it. There are many correlations with this and the Mosaic law. Emily studied this in the past year for school. 

Napoleon's Apartments. I can't even imagine living in this type of room! I would not like it because everywhere else I went would be not as nice as my own room. 

Egyptian artifacts

Various bowls, sculptures, and jars made out of a beautiful blue stone

Sarcophaguses or maybe sarcophagi. I'm not sure which is the plural : )

The famous seated scribe. You can't tell by the picture but the eyes are incredibly detailed, he has a stone for the whites of his eyes that have red streaks in them, he also has darker stone for his pupil, and another lighter stone for his iris. 

More sarcophagi

Some of the sacophagi were stone, wood, or painted. This one is stone and another weighed 18 tons, or 36,000 pounds!

Emily and I outside of the Louvre

Place de'concorde
 The place where the guillotine did Marie Antoinette in. 

Looking down the Champs de' Elysee which we walked to the very end of and then half back. 

Under the Arc de Triumph which Napoleon built for himself. He had wanted it done in time for is wife's coronation, however, when the big day came, it was only a few feet high. He ended up having a canvas top put up. The arc was not completed until after his death. So much for that plan.

After walking for five hours straight Emily and I's feet were killing us. (I couldn't figure out how to say that in proper English)
We finally convinced dad to stop for some delicious Nutella crepes. 

Emily and Dad on the Pont Neuf which is the oldest bridge in Paris

On our last night we finally went to the Eiffel Tower at night. From a distance it doesn't look too big but once you get under it is absolutely huge. 

We took the elevator to the second floor and admired the view of the City of Lights which isn't any brighter than any other. But apparently Paris was one of the first cities to use electric lights, which made it the brightest at the time.While the name is a bit outdates now, it sounds romantic I guess.

Em and Dad up top

On the first level of the tower there is a small ice skating rink

The tower is always lit up, but for 5 minutes an hour it 'sparkles'

Its truly magical and was a perfect grand finish for our trip to Paris

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