Friday, January 27, 2012

Random Congo Facts

I wasn't sure how to put these facts into paragraph form so I just made bullet points

  •       When you shake hands touch your left hand to your right elbow, and if it’s the first time you’ve met someone slightly hunch over. It’s a sign of respect.
  • ·      Knees are considered immodest for both men and women. Yet, it’s perfectly fine for a mother to nurse in public with no nursing cover.
  • ·      Women wear skirts that come to the middle of their calves, no pants.
  • ·      Greeting is very important here. If you pass someone you should say Bonjour (hello in French) or Jambo (hello in Swahili).
  • ·      The native language here is Swahili, but anyone who has attended school (most people around here) speaks French as well. Very few people speak English.
  • ·      During the day the high is in the 80s. At nights around 70 or high 60s. It’s fairly dry here so unlike in the south it feels cool when you are in the house.
  • ·      The best way to clear brush from the surrounding fields and hills is by burning. Consequently, there is always a hillside on fire that fills the air with smoke. You can never see far in the distance because of the smoke.
  • ·      The people around here are all famers. There is a nearby tribe that raises all the cattle.
  • ·      Keep the light off in your room at night unless you want it filled with bugs. (I learned that lesson the hard way)
  • ·      Get used to the dust, its everywhere.
  • ·      There is usually ash falling down on you because of the fires.
  • ·      Beware of lizards falling off the ceiling.
  • ·      Carrying a pile of firewood on your head with a machete sticking out when you are seven years old is perfectly normal.
  • ·      I have yet to see a paved road.
  • ·      Children carry a hoe to school since they are all required to work in the field at some point.
  • ·      Most of the electricity comes from solar power.
  • ·      Our water comes from springs underground.
  •     Women carry just about anything on their head, bowls, food, wood, or books.

I have more pictures coming tomorrow. But here is one I took today. 

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