Monday, January 30, 2012

The Hospital

 Here are various pictures of the hospital where we are working 

The OR
If you're accustomed to American hospitals, you'll notice the absence of an anesthesia machine

The other side of the OR that has a variety of equipment for different operations

Dad spends most of his day working with and teaching the anesthetists

Dr. Cooper and Dad teaching

A hospital courtyard, in the distance you can see a shelter where all the families cook. In Africa the hospital does not provide any food. Consequently, the patient's family must come with them to provide meals

In Africa the hospitals aren't as strict about regulations. As a result, I get to help! Here I am pulling teeth. And dad also lets me draw up the syringes with medicine. 

Dr. Cooper is about to operate on a bilateral cleft lip

An amazing and handsome anesthesiologist, also known as my dad. 

Various hospital buildings

This used to be the front entrance of the hospital but was destroyed in the war. 


Melba said...

Great pics! Where does the hospital get its electricity? What is the water situation? Nearby stream? Is there are water treatment plant of sorts? I am always curious about those kinds of things!

Carolina said...

What a cool time you must be having! These are great pictures! :)