Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Foodie Post

I know that there are some foodies who read my blog (you know who you are) therefore I wrote down everything we had for dinner last night for you. :) 

Dad's appetizer: seared scallops on a split pea puree. Delicious.

I had pumpkin foie gras (pronounced fwa gwa) which is goose liver. It actually wasn't as bad as I expected, it's very smooth and sweet. I probably would have liked it if I could forget that I was eating liver... but I did eat it all. 

Raw oysters with a poppy seed and ginger sauce. Quite good.

My dinner was fish with mashed potatoes and tonka beans. Excellent.

Emily had hanger steak with wasabi sauce and smoked mashed potatoes.

Dad had chicken with a yellow and white wine sauce and morrel mushrooms.

For dessert Emily had cheesecake with a beet sauce. The sauce tasted like raspberries and was quite tasty. 

I ate hazelnut mousse with chickory ice cream. Chickory is a root that is used to replace coffee and consequently tastes like coffee, since I don't like coffee I was not a huge fan of it. But the mousse was amazing.

Dad had a chocolate truffle with ice cream.


Hannah Beckett said...

Had leftover chicken salad today. Probably going to scrounge around for some bread to eat tonight... YOU ARE DRIVING ME NUTS WITH YOUR FOODIE POSTS. Please have nothing to eat in Congo but beans and rice... That would make me feel SO much better.

P.S. Why did you order coffee ice cream and goose liver if you don't like either one??

Claire L said...

YUUUM! I'm SO glad you did that post! I want to try goose liver now. Everything looks beautifully presented, although Emily's cheesecake did look deceptively like a stick of butter to me. Have a great trip down to Entebbe!

Elena said...

Thanks for this delightful look at your meal! What interesting combinations of flavors.
As usual, my favorite was reading about your dessert; hazelnut mousse sounds so nice!