Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Paris Day 2

Our dessert last night, chocolate fondant, absolutely amazing.

Our first view of the beautiful Versailles

Looking away from the palace

The Chapel, we saw these guys a couple different times going places no one else could. And they messed up my picture...

One of many many elaborately decorated rooms.

Almost every single room had painted ceilings

I think these doors would look great on our front door. Don't you?

No plane stone busts for Versailles, it needs to have different stones!

Figurine on the fire place

The view from the Hall of Mirrors

The famous Hall of Mirrors. Personally, it's a little over rated. Yes, it's beautiful but not all that it's made out the be.

Emily with her handy dandy audio guide

Just in case you doubt I actually saw it, here I am

Louis' incredible bedroom. Ever single square inch of wall was covered in gold or color. He even had ceremonies of him getting up and going to bed...

The Queen's chamber isn't too shabby either. The little door to the left is the one Marie Antoinette used to escape from the mobs on October 6 in some year I can't remember, but it was a while ago. 

This is the king's dining room. He sold tickets to people wanting to watch him eat. Maybe I should try this, any takers?

Crowning of Empress Josephine

The back of Versailles, one of the most beautiful palaces ever, especially against a brilliant blue sky

The palace was so large even my wide angle (17mm) couldn't capture it all before I backed up so far that part of it was hidden by trees.

The Apollo fountain

They cut all the trees in rectangles, straight lines on both sides and the top for some reason

This is the Queen's private palace, a getaway for Louis, and where Napoleon lived

No timer or extra person needed

Bright colors anyone?

A miniature Hall of Mirrors

C'est moi

Proof that it is really cold here: the pond is still partly frozen in the middle of the afternoon

Did I mention that this place is massive?

My favorite view of the palace

The man himself, Louis XIV

After we arrived back in Paris we took the metro to Sacre Couer, which is a church on top of the highest hill in Paris. Though this is a good view of the city, Paris is not a particularly beautiful city to look at in my opinion

Sunset in Paris to close off our day, au revoir!


Naomi said...

Wow that's nice!! I was in France for two weeks a year ago....bun we didn't have time to go into the Grand Trianon....! (: Looks like you had a great time! (:

Naomi said...

oops...I meant but....! (;