Monday, January 16, 2012

Paris Day 1 Part 2

View from Notre Dame

In front of Notre Dame

Emily trying her first French chocolate croissant, 

Right around the corner of our hotel is Shakespeare and Co. It is a famous bookstore here in Paris. There are rooms and rooms full of books, floor to ceiling, taking up every spare inch of shelf in the store

If you have ever read the Linea books you will recognize our hotel since it is the one she stays in when she visits Paris. I read these books as a little girl and was delightfully surprised that I was staying in the same hotel!

The actual stair case which is 350 years old

Our lovely window door knob



For lunch we had crepes, cheese and turkey for me and ham, cheese, and an egg for Emily. 

Luxemburg gardens

Dozing in the sun after a long day of walking

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Kt Poppy said...

Miss you guys! This won't top Paris, but you're missing out on the short ribs, roasted winter veggies, and Black Betty which the rest of your family is having with us tonight!